Curricula Inspired by Themes You Love Most

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Over 64 Themes Which Include 240+ Music and Movement Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Our gift to you!  “ABC’s & 123’s is one of our favorites for Lil’ Sprouts!  Every activity includes letter and number fun with the parachute, stretchy band, rhythm sticks, sand blocks and maracas.  

Curricula Themes:

Traditional - $19 (Single lesson)

Each lesson is 45 minutes and intended be used at least three times with the same group of children.  A training video is also included.  The music used in each lesson is sourced from Spotify.  You can choose your own music if you would like. 

  •  Rise and Shine
  • Going to the Zoo
  • 123’s and ABC’s
  • Cats and Dogs
  • Easter Rainbow 
  • The Deep Blue Sea
  • Bugs and Butterflies
  • Winter Wonderland 
  • Penguins! 
  • Loving’s Day 
  • Old MacDonald Had a Farm 
  • Bears in Springtime 
  • We Love Mom! 
  • Dad’s Are Great!
  • Monkey Business
  • Summertime Fun 
  • Things That Go 
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  • Fall Festival Funk
  • I Love All of Me
  • Give Thanks 
  • Superheros 

Christian - $89 (8 lessons)

Our Christian curricula includes eight, 45 minute lessons in each theme. Original Sing n’ Sprout music and training videos are also included.  We also encourage you to purchase corresponding  CD’s to give to the children who participate in the class. Instruments/ movement props are also avail for purchase in our store.  

  • God is Love (8 lessons)
  • Creation  (8 lessons)
  • Noah’s Ark Boogie  (8 lessons)
  • Be Strong in the Lord  (8 lessons)
  • Jonah (8 lessons)

Listen to Sing n' Sprout Music:

Sing n’ Sprout’s Creation curricula: “Creator of Heaven and Earth”

Sing n’ Sprout’s Noah’s Ark curricula: “Noah’s Ark Boogie”

Instruments We Love

Below are pictures of the instruments and movement props we use in class.  You can find these at West Music Company, Hohner, Bear Paw Creek, and Walmart. **Instruments and movement props are not toys.  Please use instruments and movement props that are age appropriate.**

Sand Blocks

We like using Sand Blocks that don’t have handles.  Hohner’s are best.

Rhythm Sticks

8″ Rhythm Sicks from West Music Company.


These Hohner Maracas come in four different colors.  West Music Company.

Baby Maracas

These Hohner maracas are perfect for little ones.

Animal Bells

We love these Animal Jingle Bells from Hohner because they come in four different colors and animal shapes.

Baby Bells

Hohner’s Baby Bell is perfect for little hands.

Stretchy Band

Bear Paw Creeks Stretchy Band is a movement prop that is found at Bear Paw Creek or West Music Company.


27″ Hemmed Scarves come in a package of 12 different colors. West Music Company.

Tonal Bars (Resonator Bells)

These are very fun for learning pitch, color, and sharing.  West Music Company.

Bean Bags

Bear Paw Creeks Bean bags are perfect for learning balance, eye hand coordination, color, and sharing.  West Music Company.


12 handles are featured on this parachute from West Music Company.

Instrument Bags

We love putting our instruments and movement props in these instrument bags from Bear Paw Creek.

About our Curricula

  • AGE: Our curricula is perfectly suited for toddlers and preschoolers. 
  • FORMAT: The format of each lesson is the same. Each includes a “Hello Song,” “Stretching Song,” “Story Time,” three – four sections stimulating the development of the mind, body and spirit of the young child, and concludes with a “Goodbye Song.”
  • MUSIC: Each lesson uses music which can be found online.  We source most of our music using Spotify. However, feel free to use your own music.  Our Christian curricula includes the music needed for the curricula.  Your purchase gives you permission to play our music.  You do not have permission to reproduce Sing n’ Sprout CD’s.   (Disclaimer: Click HERE to learn if you qualify to play music without copyright permission or if you need to obtain a license).
  • STORY TIME: After the “Hello” and “Stretching Song,” it is story time!  We provide suggestions for books to read that support the theme. However, feel free to use your favorites!
  • LENGTH: Each lesson is 35-45 minutes in length depending on class size.
  • TRAINING: Each lesson includes a teaching video showing you how we use it in our Sing n’ Sprout Music and Movement Studio.  You can also purchase an hour ZOOM video conference call one-on-one training.  Our “Sing n’ Sprout Teachers” Facebook Page (Click Here) is also another resource for all teachers to ask questions and share ideas. 
  • TEACHER DIRECTED: Each lesson is designed to be used as a guide.  We encourage the teacher to direct the class based on the drive of the students.  Adapt our curricula with your own creative ideas in order to meet your children’s needs.
  • EASY-TO-TEACH: Each lesson is easy-to-teach. You do not need to have a background in music education.