Be Strong in the Lord Curriculum – 8 Lessons


Time: 45 minutes

Age: 6mo – 5yrs


Spirit – 1) Learn God is the only God and, like Shadrach, Meshach , and Abendego, we only worship Him, and we can trust in Him to keep us safe whenever we are afraid. 2) Learn God was with David and protected him and God is always with us, even when we feel small.

Mind – 1) Develop an understanding of beat, timbre, dynamics, and tempo 2) Learn names of people in class 3) Develop an understanding of pattern

Body – 1) Practice teamwork, gross motor movements, and cross-lateral movements. 2) Practice balance and body awareness. 3) Practice creative gross motor movements.

Instruments Needed:  Bean Bags, Bells, Expressing Feelings Cards, Flashlights, Maracas, Parachute, Rhythm Sticks, Sand Blocs, Scarves and Stretchy Band

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Complete curriculum for Sing n’ Sprout’s Family n’ Me, Be Strong in the Lord class, including the full music album! Includes eight 45 minutes lessons.

The curriculum text and supplemental Teacher’s Guide are provided as printable PDF files, and the music as MP3 files. Bible illustration pages also double as coloring pages. Children will learn about God’s people who were strong in the Lord.

Instruments and movement props used are: Sand blocks, rhythm sticks, scarfs, jingle bells, maracas, bean bags, and flashlights, and stretchy band. These are the same instruments used in the ‘God is Love, ‘Creation,’ and ‘Noah’s Ark’ curricula.  In addition you will need a parachute. 

**DIGITAL PRODUCT** A zip file will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase.

***All instruments/movement props require adult supervision. Please follow required age recommendations for all instruments/movement props.***

LENGTH: 45 minutes

AGE: 6mo – 5yrs.