Going to the Zoo Curriculum – Single Lesson


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In our “Going to the Zoo” music and movement curricula Lil’ Sprouts (Toddler/Pre-K) will move n’ groove as they learn about animals and the sounds they make, tempo, creative independent play, fine and gross motor movements, and opposites. Fun and engaging music and movement activities will stimulate the development of their mind, body, and spirit:
In today’s lesson, Lil’ Sprouts will grow in mind, body, and sprit through music and movement as they:
Mind: Develop an understanding of tempo (fast and slow).
Body: Practice teamwork and fine and gross motor movements .
Spirit: Listen to the story and learn about different animals and their sounds.
Instruments/Movement Props used: Jingle bells, pictures of animals, maracas, scarves, and the parachute.
Who: Childcares or “Mommy n’ Me” Classes
Time: 35 to 45 Minutes

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