Winter Wonderland Curricula - Single Lesson


Winter Wonderland Curricula – Single Lesson


Celebrate the winter season with wintertime fun! Stimulate the development of the whole child as you have fun pretending to be a snowman, trying not to get eaten by the snow shark as you follow along an ice-block path, and balancing snowball bean bags on various body parts.

In this lesson, Lil’ Sprouts will grow in mind, body and spirt as they:

Sprit: Listen to a winter story and learn to celebrate the winter season.

Mind: Develop an understanding of beat and tempo.

Body: Practice fine and gross motor movements, balance and develop awareness of body parts.

Benefits Lil’ Sprouts Will Experience: Enhance timing, coordination, listening and language skills, language development, memory, improved coordination and timing, pattern recognition, counting, expressing feelings, cooperation, teamwork, self-confidence, imagination, creativity, self-expression, fine and gross motor movements, teaming skills, whole-brain thinking, strengthening nerve-cell pathways, resiliency.

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INSTRUMENTS NEEDED: Sand Blocks, Maracas, Spot Markers, and Bean Bags

LENGTH: 45 minutes

AGE: 6mo – 5yrs.